Virginia Cardinal Award

The Virginia Cardinal Award is VASBO's premier recognition given to one of its members each year for exemplifying professionalism, leadership, and innovation in the field of school business management. The award winner is announced at the Spring VASBO conference. The winner also attends the Southeast Association of School Business Officials (SASBO) the following year and is recognized as the Outstanding School Business Official for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Nominations are accepted year round but close on March 1st for the current award year. If you know a member of VASBO (even those on the current Board) who has made a significant impact in local and state school business finance, please complete the Cardinal Award Nomination Form by March 1st.

As we have every year since 2009, VASBO members nominate some of their outstanding peers for recognition. The 15th Cardinal Award winner is Christie Fleming, Chief Financial Officer for Dinwiddie County Public Schools. 

Christie Fleming, the 2023 VASBO Cardinal Award Winner, is a dynamic and dedicated professional with over 30 years of experience in school business management. As the Chief Financial Officer for Dinwiddie County Public Schools, Christie has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

According to her Superintendent, over the past eight years, Christie's impact has been transformative, taking on leadership roles beyond her direct responsibilities. From spearheading a facility study to guiding the division through a comprehensive rebranding, restructuring of pay scales, and revamping transportation efficiency, Christie's organizational expertise has been instrumental in shaping positive change. Her unwavering dedication to improving workplace and learning environments has had a profound impact on both staff and students.

Christie's role as Chief Finance Officer goes beyond the numbers; she is a behind-the-scenes leader, setting others up for success with a quiet and effective approach. Her willingness to tackle challenges head-on and her ability to support her team, school community, and superiors alike have made her an invaluable asset to Dinwiddie County Public Schools.

Christie has been an integral part of VASBO for many years as she has served as a colleague, friend, and mentor to countless school business officials across the state. As past President of the organization, her leadership continues to serve as a model for VASBO members. 

Congratulations Christie on being the 2023 Cardinal Award Winner!


Christie B. Fleming

2023 Cardinal Award Recipient  

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