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 VASBO President's Message                    

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lisa Frye, VASBO President 2013-14, for her dedication, leadership, and guidance this past year.  She has been a wonderful leader for our organization.  While serving on the board, I have been mentored by the best.  Our previous leadership has generated the momentum to keep this great organization moving forward and the wisdom to keep it moving in the right direction.  We all benefit from their contributions and the extra hours dedicated to this organization.

This organization operates under a strategic plan which sets our direction and controls how the changing succession of leaders navigates.  This plan is critical to helping us maintain focus, direction, and purpose. It is my job to steer this association and keep it moving down the track.

While we focus on our strategic direction, we must continue to monitor the environment around us.  As school divisions, we must recognize the changing influences so that we will respond appropriately.  The changing economy is affecting all of our members and your employers in one way or another.  We are asked to do more with less, and sometimes the financial crunch means you have fewer resources available to do the same job.  At the same time, we have changing demographics among our members.  This means that the needs and wants of the organization are going to change.

The challenge this year will be to find new, more cost effective ways of serving our members’ needs.  We will find new ways to encourage networking, professional development, sharing of ideas, communication and collaborating, and advancing our profession.  We will use technology in new and innovative ways.  We will touch more of our members with more services.  Over the past year, relationships have been created, therefore additional services will be available.  For example; Forecast5 Analytics will be introduced to our membership during the fall session.  A partnership has begun to provide a wonderful tool for our school districts.

Extraordinary work has taken place this year to gain a better understanding of the relationships and perceptions between VASBO and our partners in education.  The knowledge gained through this work will help us advance the profession and raise awareness about the value added by our professionals and the work you do.

I encourage communications and invite all members to express ideas and suggestions freely.  I hope that you will take advantage of that opportunity and participate.  By sharing your ideas with me, we can lead VASBO together. 

This is an exciting time.  Not just for me, as the new president of VASBO, but for all of us.  The opportunities are endless.  I will work to ensure that when my year is done, and the next president steps into this role, that he can see even farther down the track.  The 49 previous presidents have set a standard.  With their guidance and help, the 50th year will usher us to new places.  Not changing directions, but rather moving us forward at a faster paste.

Thank you again for this opportunity to serve you as President of VASBO.  I am honored and feel blessed to have this opportunity.  I will do all I can to make this a successful year.

Wayne Cosby
VASBO President





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