Legislative Advocacy 


VASBO promotes the highest standards of school business practices for its membership through professional development, continuing education, networking, and legislative impact.  

Strategic Plan l:

Advocate on behalf of Virginia school districts for funding to vigorously enforce the standards of learning, implement required mandates from the Department of Education, and make the most effective and efficient use of district resources to provide a high quality education to students of the Commonwealth.       

In an effort to advocate on behalf of Virginia school districts for equitable funding to provide a high quality education to all the students in the Commonwealth, VASBO’s legislative priorities are outlined below.

Fund Salaries

Fund teacher pay recognizing their professional status and provide state share of funding to move teacher pay to the national average. Employee raises are critical to the recruitment and retention of teachers and support staff. Funding for employee raises should be a high priority for the General Assembly.


Fund Support Positions

State reductions in support costs, made during the “Great Recession,” should be restored before additional resources are directed to incentive funding.


Reduce the Level of Unfunded Mandates

Tying up resources for mandates that are not wholly funded would allow the maximum amount of resources to be utilized in the classroom.


Provide for a Greater Equity in School Funding by Revamping Formula Used

Recognize the funding challenges associated with rapid declines in population for divisions.


Technology Funding

Continue state funding for technology by recognizing the magnitude of the annual expense to maintain, train, ensure connectivity, and offer current technology opportunities to students.


Virtual School Programs

Oppose any bills which would require funding to “follow the student” in situations in which the home school division offers a virtual program, but the student elects to enroll in one offered by another school division.


Other Revenue Sources

Consider allocating a portion of the funds received from Volkswagen as it pertains to resolving existing and potential state consumer protection claims related to the diesel matter to school divisions for replacing aging bus fleets in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Quality. 


Attract and Retain Talent

Retention of teachers has significantly been reduced. Find ways to encourage students to enter the teaching profession.

Retention in the Department of Education staff - constant turnover of DOE staff losing the wealth of knowledge to the rest of the state.



Increase funding the localities to find alternate ways to educate the students who cannot be in regular classrooms. In addition, provide additional training and support to the teacher population who do not feel safe.



Change the amount of assessments and ways we assess students.